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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 3, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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>> police in budapest withdraw from the gates and open the railway station to refugees. you are watching al jazeera. also on the program, china pledges to cut its army by 300,000 as it commemorates the end of the second world war. a judge orders the detention of guatemala's president in a corruption probe. the u.n. warns of a lost generation of children who aren't getting an education.
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the standoff appears to be over. police have allowed refugees in the station. people crowded on to the trains, although it's not clear where they are going. we have been watching these scenes. any idea where they are going, when they are going? >> to describe it as confusing would be something of an understatement. there was a rush right away through the station of, well, well over 2,000 people it would seem at one stage. if you look there at platform 8, that is the crowd cramming outside the train and on the train itself. people are crammed on that
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train. it is not going across any border whatsoever. hungary railways are saying that they are not operating any trains in or out of the country. so no international train services. people are extremely worried. initially there was a complete feeling of elation. you could describe every single face as showing joy that finally the whole situation had turned for the better. but no one is sure whether or not there is going to be an initiative announced to get special trains or whether or not international trains will be running again. so what you are looking at now on this con course is a mixture of people just waiting and trying to get information. there are many tourists here asking how do they get to austria. there are many business people going for buses instead of
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trains. it is a confusing picture. but people are now really worried also about whether or not it could be a trap. that's how suspicious these refugees are. they are not in any way trusting the police. on wednesday there were riot police outside, there were clashes with protesters. the next minute they were all gone. so it is a completely confusing picture. >> can't blame them for having very little trust there, andrew, can you. i'm wondering if possibly the situation is being delayed because of the meeting we are expecting in brusselings. the prime minister has been speaking out before the meeting. refugees threaten the continent. they must control the borders. >> that's right. he said that in an opinion article in a german newspaper.
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he is also saying that people want to master the situation. you can't talk about share quotas of refugees or any controls or letting people in until you have shut them out. and that's precisely what hungary intends to do. there will be new legislation table in parliament later on thursday which could be fast tracked. you may even find by mid september, ahead of an emergency eu meeting, there could be a settlement of cutting out all terms, economic migrants from economic access to the country and turning around refugees if they didn't have the proper credentials for asigh recommend applications. and one party is saying it will be zero immigration, migration
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come september. so the meeting in brussels is going to be very, very heated, indeed. meeting the eu commissioner and the european parliament president, the eu commission president is known to be diametrically opposed to victor. they are completely on different pages when it comes to this issue. but it isn't just hungary alone that is objecting to the way the eu is handling this migration crisis, there are other states that are not happy at all. we have an ever growing plate between east and west. we have an initiative by the three countries, france, italy and germany, to try to get another solution by reforming the 25-year-old law on asylum
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and passports. but it's unclear as to what's going to happen. >> we are expecting a press conference sometime on this situation. we are going to go to that and bring out the news from that event. china's president has pledged to cut the size of the military by 300,000 soldiers. he made the announcement at a ceremony in beijing. at the same time, china is upgrading its navel and air forces. >> a nation's pride and military might on display. a historic opportunity for the chinese to remember the millions who died during world war ii fighting japanese aggression. they haven't seen this sort of parade since 2009. it's only the fourth since 1960.
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12,000 military personnel past and present representing the chinese armed services march to precision timing. more than 80% of the military hardware was unveiled for the first time, tanks on the vehicles, drone, and dozens of aircraft and detained large crowds. a huge security operation surrounds the event. not everybody wants to watch the parade from home. so in people have come to vantage points like this to see the parade. not necessarily passing them on the road, but up in the sky. >> translator: i have watched past several parades on tv. i feel like this is the most spectacular one. it is the biggest in terms of size. this is a historical moment for china. >> reporter: many waited for heads of states.
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>> translator: people's liberation army of china is the people's army. it's to protect people's well being and carry out the noble mission of upholding world peace. here i announce that china will cut the number of its troops by 300,000. >> reporter: despite the statement, many leaders from western nations and the prime minister of japan did not attend. they see china flexing its muscle sending a message that it can and will defend itself and any disputed territory it aims to claim. china was on the winning side in world war ii. military personnel from ten nationnations joined the wartimy in the parade. nationalistic display it might have been. but 70 years on, like many other
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global nations, china needed to remember its fallen heros. there is a clear message of the military might. a global superpower that never wants to see another world war again. some developing news from malaysia. a boat carrying a hundred people has capsized. it is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. rescue operations are ongoing. what are you hearing about what happened? >> this is quickly shaping up to be the worst boat accident in malaysia this year. the reports that are coming out of this vessel was very rickettey, mailed of wood. it went down off the western coast of malaysia earlier on
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thursday. the maritime enforcement agency says local fishermen rescued 15 people and recovered the bodies of 14 people, many believed to be women. the nationalities has not yet been confirmed. authorities have not had a chance to interview the survivors. they believe all of them are indonesian. the boat was on its way from malaysia to sumatra. many indonesians make their way to malaysia every year. it's the third largest economy in the region. they come here searching for work. investigators of this stage believe that the people in this boat fell into this category of illegal migrants. they will continue investigations and confirm these reports. >> thank you. four turkish police officers have been killed in southeastern
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turkey. they died in their vehicle when a bomb detonated as they drove pass. isis attacked a mosque killing 28 people. the suicide attack was followed by a car bomb outside. the second explosion kill would mayor medics. it's controlled by houthi rebels. unicef says 13 million children across the middle east and africa are not able to go to school because of conflict. it estimates 9,000 schools are not being use in syria, iraq, yemen and libya. that's because the fighting damaged, or they are being used as make shift shelters. many children and teachers stay home out of fear of attack at or on the way to school. it places on education systems of those countries, there are
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more than 700,000 syrian refugee children in jordan, lebanon and turkey. we are joined from the valley in lebanon. how's it playing out there? >> well, jane, we are at one of the thousands or hundreds of informal refugee camps that have been set up in lebanon. lebanon has the third highest number of refugees in the world. it's got the highest number per capita. it is a small population. and that's evident when you come to places like these. because the services are either very, very thin on the ground or they do not exist. i'm going to pan slightly, you will see a group of children here. this is a school day. these kids should be at school. i'm going to ask a few questions, how old they are. how old are you? you are six?
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this is one six-year-old child. and there's plenty other. they go to an informal education system here. however, by far it's not the same as going to normal schools that essentially have proper syllabuses and exams and so forth. you can see most of them, if not all, are barefoot. the services provided in these refugee camps are far from adequate, to say the least, in terms of not only the education as the u.n. reports, but also in terms of health services, social services and things like that. it's also important to note, jane, even inside the city, for example, in the capital, beirut, the u.n. says there are more than 1500 children, some as young as the age of 6, who either live or work on the
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streets of beirut. some of that work is illegal work like drug smuggling, prostitution, it paints a grim picture for the future. not only of the refugees here, but lebanese society as a whole. much more ahead on al jazeera. the safe haven teaching lessons of nonviolence to baltimore's black children after a bloody sumner the city. water quality experts say it could be a bad year for pollution in the great lakes.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the sound bites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. >> ray suarez hosts "inside story". only on al jazeera america.
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>> hello again. here's a quick look at our top stories. hungarian police have allowed refugees into the main railway station. there were chaotic scenes as over a thousand people tried to crowd on the trains. china's president announced he will cut the army by 300,000 soldiers. he made the announcement at a parade marking 70 years since the defeat of japan in world war ii. an overcrowded boat carrying as many as a hundred people has capsized. it went down in bad weather. at least 13 people are reported to have been killed. the identity of those on board is not yet clear. guatemala's president resigned after a judge ordered his arrest over corruption
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allegations on tuesday. congress voted unanimously to strip 64-year-old president of his immunity. shocking images of a three-year-old boy washed up on a beach have come to symbolize the plight of refugees. he drowned attempting to reach a greek island. you may find images disturbing. >> reporter: ritz become ait's a symbol of the crisis. the lifeless body of this three-year-old syrian boy warned up. he and his five-year-old brother were among a group who drowned trying to make the short but dangerous crossing to the greek island. the boy's mother and sister survived. they comforted each other, but the trauma of the trip was
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overwhelming. the mother fainted. another man wept as he spoke on the phone. the image triggered an outcry. it had been retreated thousands of times. pressure is mounting on politicians to do more. not only is it a policy crisis, but also a moral one. >> we had to deploy a team to greece and to the three neighboring islands where two-thirds of the refugees that have arrived in europe have landed. and what they are telling me is horrifying stories of people who are losing brothers, husbands in war, then having children abused on the passage to europe, and then the worst cases seeing people that they are with on boats drown on the way to the shores of europe. >> reporter: in the last week turkey's coast guard rescued more than 2,000 people.
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increasingly there is death and despair. those pictures coming to us are from brussels, a press conference is under way. a german politician is talking at the moment and the hungarian prime minister is standing next to him. we are expecting to find out what sort of decision has been made regarding the refugee situation we have been seeing unfold in hungary. just before the press conference we were getting comments from the prime minister. he said that it threatened their christian roots. thousands of refugees have been storming on to trains. a judge in the u.s. city of baltimore rejected motions to drop charges against six police officers over the death of a black man in custody.
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freddy gray who was arrested in april died from a severe spinal injury suffered in the back of a police van. his death triggered protests and riots. the judge also ruled there will be separate trials for each of the six officers. >> black lives matter, you killing black people. our lives matter, but you think about who dieing out here. you all go home, we worry about our kids coming home. your kids going to college. mine going to the penitentiary and the graveyard. from chicago to new york to philadelphia, there is a war on the black man. that's why the mayor got a war room. a spike in killings combined with the protests has made this year one of baltimore's bloodiest. but some have focused on grass roots efforts. >> every day after school, this is where children living in one
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of baltimore's most violence neighborhoods come to escape. >> it makes me feel safer. because all the drugs and killings that been going around here. >> reporter: so erika created a kid safe zone. provide children refuge from this. last spring peaceful demonstrations at times turned violent after a man was killed in police custody. it exposed problems playing so many u.s. cities where crime rates have spiked. high concentrations of unemployment, limited opportunities for climbing out of patcherty. instead of waiting for politicians to solve the problem, she came up with her own solution. >> response to the community, social media and three weeks, we transformed this into a safe haven for every child in this
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community. first day we had 40 kids. month of july we had a hundred kids a day. >> she has no budget beyond donations. so she's turned to social media. it's this approach that may hold the secreted to empowering communities after top down solutions continue to fail. >> our idea is about escaping black communities instead of trying to reinvest and bring talent and hard work and all those values and keeping them in the community. i think that it's all about giving back. that's what this woman is doing. >> i believe that the core to our problem and why our children are killing each other is because no one has valued my life. we can #black lives matter all day every day. if no one is teaching them and showing them they matter, do they really matter. >> she's determined to show some
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of america's most disadvantaged children they do. let's go back to brussels. the hungarian prime minister is speaking. >> each border country should reinforce the border control and to provide [indiscernible] regulations. i just came here to inform the president that hungary did everything which was possible in order to keep the regulations. in parliament, the package of relations, the physical barrier and all these together can provide a new situation in
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hungary and in europe from the 15th of september. now we have one week for preparation time. we will inform everybody. the smugglers, the neighboring countries, that what is the new legal regulation in hungary, what is the new practice, how to come to hungary, how you can't come to hungary i after one week we will use this new system. it will have a chance. i think it will be successful. i can't promise it will be successful next morning, but step by step clearly hungary will be on the driving seat to control the border and we'll be in a situation to fulfill all the regulation created by europe. so that's the reason why i'm hear and i ask mr. schultz please ask the parliamentary and
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the representatives don't criticize hungary for doing what is the capacity to be done. instead of criticizing us, just let us do the job [indiscernible] >> thank you very much. we can take three questions. ladies first, thank you. >> a question for you both. can you tell us what your strategy is concerning the refugee whose are in budapest now who are at the train station being kicked out and let in and cannot travel further on? what is your strategy concerning them and what is your strategy at all? which kind of help did you ask from europe today? and for you l schultz, i don't know if you want to answer in
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german, if you would like to, what kind of help can europe provide and when is europe going to start acting in this refugee crisis. thank you. >> so it's not a question of strategy. we have clear cut regulation at european level. the german chancellor said clearly, nobody can leave hungary without being registered. so that's a regulation. we can't let anybody to go to germany without being registered. it's not strategy. it's law enforcement that's going on. excuse me. but, you know, just between us, the problem is not european problem. the problem is german problem. nobody would like to stay in hungary. we don't have difficulties with those who would like to stay in
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hungary. all of them would like to go to germany. our job is only to register them. so if the german chancellor insists nobody can leave hungary without registration, we will register them. it's a must. >> you see how difficult our debate behind closed doors was. that's what is said also. i ask him, this is understandable from a pointed of view of the hungarian prime minister, they don't want to stay in hungary, they want to go to germany. this is not the question we have to discuss. we have to discuss is the hungarian prime minister and his minister prepared. that was the question to me, the european parliament, what should we do here. the government as a part of the european council prepare to
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support the commission and the commission next week, i think the president will announce in his state of the union speech the measures of relocation. i repeat. i'm quite sure that it's a fair parameter of distribution and relocation, hungary would get the relief in comparing the situation of today with the future parameter of relocation in the european union, for example, shortening the time of procedures to recognize the refugees or not and with the directive return them in case of nonrecognition. that's the measures they suggest. some of the measures they will suggest next week. to say yeah, you know, we have renew guys all over europe and we are not concerned is
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effective but wrong. and, therefore, i think we need a fair distribution. let me very concrete in figures. european union member states together, it's a 507 million inhabitants. if distribute 500,000 refugees amongst 507 million, it's not a problem. if you concentrate all the refugees to some of the member states, it is a problem. and european solidarity in this problem solution finding is key. and my appeal, i repeat it to the prime minister, to contribute to such a european solution. i answer it to german remarks because it is the german television.


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